HKSA Support Services

HeartKids SA provide many support services for families that have a child with Childhood Heart Disease.

The main objective for HeartKids SA is to support our families. Please know we are always here for you.


HeartKids SA Support Services:

Family Support Coordinators

The role of our family support coordinators is to provide support to families affected by CHD at any stage of their journey, this includes our Heart Angel families.

Family Support Coordinators are available by phone, email or at the hospital cardiology clinics.

Contact details for Family Support Coordinators

Please contact Family Support Manager on 8269 3122


Women’s and Children’s Hospital Clinic Times

Monday 1-4, Tuesday 9-4, Thursday 1-4, Friday 9-12.30


Accommodation Assistance Fund (AAF)

The HeartKids SA Accommodation Assistance fund is designed to help meeting the out of pocket expenses for accommodation when travelling for cardiac surgery or treatment.

To be eligible, your child must have been admitted to, or be an inpatient, of either and Adelaide Hospital or an interstate hospital or you are required to travel more than 100 Km to attend your child’s cardiac clinic. Please note you must be a MEMBER of HeartKids SA.

Reimbursement Criteria:

Inpatient and Adelaide or interstate hospital for cardiac surgery/treatment up to $300.00

Attending a clinic that is more than 100 Km from your primary place of residence $150.00

Please contact our Family Support Coordinators for more information or to claim this financial support please Click Here.

Meal Vouchers

HeartKids SA provide meal vouchers for each parent/guardian who has a child at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital or the Royal Children’s Hospital . The meal vouchers are $10.00 per carer, per day.

Please see our family support coordinator to obtain these vouchers whilst you are in hospital.

Please note for South Australian families at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, please contact Tracy Stanley for extra meal vouchers.

Emergency Assistance Fund

This fund is available for families who are struggling financially with the out of pocket expenses of having a Heart Kid. To access the EAF contact with the hospital social worker must be made.

Please contact Family Support Coordinators for more information.


HeartKids SA will assist in the out of pocket costs associated with counselling for immediate HeartKid family members. Please contact the office on 8269 3122 for more information.


HeartKids SA Playgroups provide the families of children with Childhood Heart Disease with a friendly and positive environment where children can build friendships with others who share similar experiences and where parents can find support, information and friendships too.

HeartKids SA have two playgroups available.

Northern: Playgroups SA, 91 Prospect Road, Prospect. Wednesdays between 10.00-12.00pm

Southern: Cnr Alawoona Avenue & Marion Road, Mitchell Park. Tuesdays 10.00am-12.00pm

Playgroups run each week during school terms. Please note we have a strict wellness policy with all of our playgroups. We all know how hard it is to keep our children well. In order to achieve this we have agreed that anyone with a contagious illness will stay away from playgroup until they are well. This includes a runny nose, cough or a recently upset stomach. We appreciate your understanding in keeping our children safe.

Telephone Support

If you would like to ask any questions or seek support, please contact our Family Support Coordinators.

Please know we are available to support you.

Bereavement Support

Our Heart Angel parents meet regularly for coffee mornings/information evenings & support events. This is a relaxed environment where you can meet with fellow bereaved families. If you would like to attend please contact the office on 8269 3122.

HeartKids SA has an extensive bereavement library available. Please contact our Family Support Coordinators to borrow any of these books.

Care Bags

HeartKids SA give each South Australian child who is an inpatient at WCH and RCH  a Care Bag. This bag is a gift to the families to let them know we are here to support them. The bag includes various items which will assist them whilst being away from home.

Our Care Bags are put together by other HeartKid parents and volunteers to show their support of these families. If you would like to sponsor or donate a care bag for a child travelling to Melbourne please CLICK HERE


Each HeartKids SA member whose child goes to Melbourne for their first surgery receives a beautiful handmade quilt. Contact the office of 8269 3122 for more information

HeartKids Magazine

Heartkids produce a quarterly newsletter which is full of updates, stories, latest events, fundraising activities and much more! If you are a HeartKids SA/NT Member you will receive this in the post. If you do not currently receive a magazine, but would like to please contact the HeartKids SA office or one of our Family Support Coordinators.

You can also view the HeartKids Newsletter Online

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