Olivia-Anne’s Story

Hi this is Olivia-anne.

She’s 2 years old. She has a heart condition called VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) She had three holes in her heart & the valve had to be reconstructed. We went to Melbourne so she could have the operation. When we got there we initially thought that she had only one hole in the heart but when we had the consultation with Dr Yves, we found out that it was 3 holes & the valve. What a shock it was to be told this but with plenty of reassurance from Dr Yves and the anesthetic Doctor, we knew that it had to be done if she was to have a normal life.

She had the surgery at 5 months old. The ICU staff were all so wonderful. Olivia-anne started to come out of the anesthetic with-in a few hours. Apart from staying in Melbourne for nearly 3weeks, it went extremely well. Upon arrival back in Adelaide, she had to stay at the WCH for another week. She was also found to have water on the base of her skull. When she was born we found out that she also had a form of Downs, not that it’s stopped her from doing anything. She can do everything that another child can do and will be attending Pre-Kindy next year. Unable to walk yet, she is visited by the physio once a month but is on the way to walking by herself. Apart from a low immune system, she is doing extremely well. She attends a special class every two weeks, is doing dancing & attends the morning teas at the WCH where she has made some wonderful friends.

I wrote this story to encourage more people to come to the morning teas, even the kids that have a Heart condition & Downs, that there are people in the same situation & that there is someone they can talk to. I hope that this story will help people in some way.

By Ursula (Mum to Olivia-anne)

South Australia