Kynan’s Story

Kynan Carter has only recently turned one-year old and already his little body has been subjected to a whole range of medical procedures and operations due to being born with heart disease.

When Kynan was 14 weeks old he stopped feeding from his mother and doctor’s diagnosed reflux and failure to thrive and he was quickly admitted to the Whyalla Hospital.

After his condition worsened, a team of medical professionals were flown to Whyalla to retrieve Kynan and stabilised him over two hours to prepare him for the emergency flight to Adelaide.

When in Adelaide and after hours of tests, the cardiologist told his parents that Kynan had an Atrial Septic Defect (a hole in the atrium) and a condition called TAPVD where both Kynans pulmonary arteries had grown to the right side of the heart instead of one either side.

He had also grown an extra artery increasing the pressure, because of the high blood flow to the right side of his heart; it was now four times bigger than the left side and filling his lungs with blood.

They were told it was a miracle he had lived to 14 weeks and the only way his body was receiving blood was through the ASD (the hole), which could obstruct at any time and the doctor informed them that Kynan had been in heart failure for about eight weeks and if he didn’t have surgery in the next week they would lose him.

Kynan was flown to Melbourne via air ambulance with his parents following hours later.

Soon after Kynan’s arrival his heart was under so much stress he developed ventricle & atrial etopic tachycardia’s – his heart was no longer beating, it was now pulsing at to 270 beats per minute..

Kynan was placed in a medically induced coma as his body wasn’t coping, surgery was unable to be preformed as there were no beds in ICU caused by a nurse shortage.

After four long and hard days of watching over their son, Oebe and Nicole were finally relieved when they came for Kynan to take him for open heart surgery.

After seven hours of surgery, the doctors informed Kynan’s parents that all went well.

After a long recovery period the family flew back to Adelaide where Kynan stayed in the hospital for two weeks.

He was then transferred to Port Augusta for a further two weeks before finally returning home to Whyalla.

The doctors said Kynan would be physically and mentally behind other children his age due to what his body has been through, but he is proving the medical profession wrong and thriving much better than expected.

He was crawling at eight months and he took his first steps when he was just 10 months old and is now a whopping 10.8kgs which is a fantastic milestone for HeartKids as they usually take longer to thrive.

Kynan recently turned one-year-old and his family and friends came together and celebrated his life and everything he has achieved in the last year by holding a birthday party at the New Whyalla Hotel in early February.

Nicole is the co-ordinator of HeartKids in Whyalla and provides a link to emotional support networks for family’s going through trouble with childhood heart disease.

HeartKids hold fundraising events and lotteries to raise money for research into childhood heart disease as more children die from congenital heart defects than any other childhood illnesses in Australia.

Nicole is currently trying to get a support group off the ground and has received quite a bit of interest but is always looking for more volunteers.

Nicole is also interested in hearing from any other HeartKids that are not already registered with HeartKids South Australia, regardless of age.

Nicole is also interested in hearing from parents who have lost their child to heart disease to add to the group of HeartKids known as HeartAngels.

To find our more details contact Nicole Carter on 0434 894 827.

South Australia