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How The CN Group has helped HeartKids

The CN Group supplied the Telephone and VOIP systems to HeartKids in 2010 when the office was moved to its current location. The CN Group supplied around $50,000 worth of telephone gear and cabling to get HeartKids operational.

The CN Group also arranged for their technical staff to set up the HeartKids computer systems, as well as having several of the directors volunteer their time and expertise, on an ongoing basis, their computing consulting skills. Their service support has enabled Heartkids to further reduce its costs; thereby saving HeartKids around $20,000 in consulting fees. As a consequence their assistance has placed more of the funds which HeartKids raise to go where it is needed; to the children affected by Childhood Heart Disease.

The CN Staff have helped HeartKids with the The CN Group 2011 “Movie Character” dress up Christmas party, raising over $1,500.

Brian E Pereira (Chairman of CN Group),
Len Russell (National Corporate Sponsorship Manager)

Who is The CN Group

The CN Group provides quality, reliable IT Services & IT Solutions to a range of businesses, small, medium and large.

Their expert IT technicians can assess the computer or technology issues of a company and provide fast, effective IT Support both on-site and remotely. They can perform IT evaluations to assess business requirements and vulnerabilities.

With 24×7 support to handle all IT needs, including emergency IT Support, Disaster Recovery, Network Security and ongoing system maintenance.

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