Grants in Aid Program

HeartKids’ Grants-in-Aid  program supports research and research capacity building in congenital and acquired childhood heart disease. Grants are limited in size and projects must be completed within a 12 month period.

Research projects contribute to a number of objectives that may include:

  • reducing mortality and/or morbidity from CHD
  • reducing the incidence of CHD
  • developing preventative measures to reduce CHD
  • improving early detection of CHD
  • understanding the causes and disease processes of CHD
  • improving the treatments and management of CHD
  • gaining a better understanding of the consequences of CHD and its treatment including the neurological, cognitive or social impacts on children affected by CHD and how these issues may be addressed

We are proud to acknowledge The Wilson HTMFoundation as the Founding Partner of the HeartKids Grants-in-Aid Program.

Founding Partner HeartKids Grants in Aid Program.

View our current and previous Grant-in-Aid research projects here.

*Grant-in-Aid applications for 2017 will open later this year


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