HeartKids, with the support of its sponsors and donors, is proud to have committed $3,000,000 of funding for research projects looking to unlock the mysteries of Childhood Heart Disease.

The specific focus and aim of these has been to:

  • Reduce mortality and/or morbidity from CHD
  • Reduce the incidence of CHD
  • Develop preventative measures to reduce CHD
  • Improve early detection of CHD
  • Understand the causes and disease processes of CHD
  • Improve the treatments and management of CHD
  • Gain a better understanding of the consequences of CHD and its treatment including the neurological, cognitive or social impacts on children affected by CHD and how these issues may be addressed.

Research Funding Strategy

HeartKids has developed a peer-reviewed, transparent and efficient process to identify and allocate research funding. This ensures we obtain the best value from our funds and achieves the greatest impact for children affected by heart disease. We are assisted in this process by the Research Advisory Committee.

For more information on research that we are focusing on in 2016, please click here.

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