How to be a Sponsor

As a Charity with both State and National offices we welcome sponsors at both levels. For details on how to become a sponsor at a state level please contact your state office directly. For companies wishing to take on a sponsorship at a national level we offer a number of packages;

Principal Sponsor

This contributes to the core costs of the Charity over a fixed period to advertise your community spirit and commitment to the welfare of our children.

Employee Sponsor

This unique opportunity allows you to employ a HeartKids employee for 6 months at either a state or a national level. As a new national charity this allows us to channel vital resources where they are most needed during our critical start up phase.

Campaign and Event Sponsorship

Through out the year HeartKids holds various campaigns including Stick on a Smile, Gala Balls and other fundraising events. These can be sponsored on either a state or national level.

Equipment or Research Sponsor

With HeartKids making up the majority of admissions into Intensive Care Units around the country, there is always a need for new equipment. At HeartKids we can direct your sponsorship dollars directly to the area you would like to contribute. This can range from beds to tv’s to cardiac monitoring equipment. OR if you prefer we can channel your donations specifically into research.

Create your own event!

There are a number of ways you can raise funds independantly for HeartKids, each state offers their own unique angle on what’s fun to do, or you can simply make up your own.
If you would like to hold a fundraising event, please complete the attached form:
Please print, complete and post to:
HeartKids SA, PO Box 364, North Adelaide SA 5006.


South Australia