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HeartKids SA Loan- Loan Avenue

Loan Ave founders Paul and Michelle Collins were inspired to support the childhood charity after becoming friends with a very special “HeartKid”

Even before birth doctors knew little Lewis Harrison was a battler.
At 20 weeks gestation he was diagnosed with a severe heart defect called Tetralgogy of Fallot, meaning he had four distinct problems with his heart.
Within 20 days of being born the plucky Adelaide bub had two open heart surgeries. Just before his first birthday he had his third.

He survived but his weakened immune system meant he missed out on regular social occasions as a young child. But his ability to bounce back after each arduous operation earned him the nickname “Braveheart Lewis”.

Today Lewis is five years old and his large chest scar is the only visible sign that he is not your averaged toddler.

Lewis will likely face the operating table again during his early school years as his heart grows.
Without the support of HeartKids and other charities Lewis’ family could not have travelled from their home in Adelaide to Melbourne to be by his side during the long weeks of hospitalisation and recovery.

Paul and Michelle Collins said Lewis’s story had spurred them on to support other Heart Kids.
“HeartKids provide such value and are a network of support to those families impacted by congenital heart defects and its ongoing consequences,” said Michelle Collins.

“Lewis’s story and so many others we have heard about and met have touched our lives personally and we wish to provide support that helps, grows and enriches our community.”

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