How You Can Help

How you can help…

Help mend a broken heart today… 

Welcome to the Helping Hearts Community! By dedicating your precious time and effort to help raise funds for HeartKids SA/NT you can make a world of difference and help us to support the 1 in 100 children who are affected by Childhood Heart Disease (CHD) and the families who cherish them.

There are various ways to become involved in fundraising and we’ve come up with a few different ways to help you get started…


Organise your own event

When it comes to organising your own event, the world is your oyster! Most importantly it should be something you will enjoy organising and taking part in – so if you’re crazy about cakes, host a bake off, or if you love a fitness challenge, organise a triathlon!

It is completely up to you what you organise – which we know can be a little daunting to begin with! So we are available to support you in your planning – just contact the office on 08 8269 3122 or email

Join an existing event

At HeartKids SA/NT we are involved in various events throughout the year – from City-Bay in September to our HeartKids Cuppa for Kids. If you are looking to get involved in one of these events, please telephone the office on 08 82693122 or e-mail

Community Fundraising Events

HeartKids SA/NT are legally obliged to authorise any events raising money for our organisation. We request that you read the guidelines in our Fundraising Policy, complete the application form and send to us for approval. We will advise in writing when your event has been approved and assign an official event number

HKSA_Fundraising Policy 



HeartKids SA/NT has various corporate volunteer opportunities throughout the year and encourage companies to get involved in supporting our Heart Kids…or

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  •        Host an event

Why not host an event in your office – organise a team activity day, dress in Red day, have a bake off or even hold a dinner party! This is a great way to engage employees and boost team morale.

  •     Have a HeartKids donation tin at your office

At  HeartKids we rely on the generous support of individuals like yourself and by having a HeartKids donation tin in your office you can help us to provide the much-needed caring support to Heart Families

  •     Get involved with a HeartKids event…

We run various events throughout the year from merchandise selling in the CBD for Sweetheart Day or our annual Gala Fundraising Dinners.

  •     Join our Workplace Giving

For more information about Workplace Giving and Corporate Fundraising please contact the office on ph: 08 8269 3122 or e-mail


At HeartKids SA/NT our community is important to us and we love to involve schools and community groups in our efforts to raise awareness and support of Childhood Heart Disease.

For further information please contact the office on 8269 3122 or e-mail or

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Click here to establish your own fundraising page

If you have set up an online fundraising page with Everyday hero , here are some tips to help you get the most support from your family, friends and colleagues.

1. Make your Hero Page your own and as effective as possible by uploading your own photograph or even better, a video showing you in action. In your webpage entry, try to tell a story about why HeartKids is important to you.

2. E-mail your close friends and family first and those you believe are likely to be your most generous supporters. Others will tend to match what has been already donated.

3. Use your own e-mail as well as the facility on the Hero Page and paste the URL from your Hero Page (the Hero Page web address) into your own e-mail and send.

4. Consider asking your workplace if you can change your e-mail signature at work and/or at home to add a line at the bottom which includes the web address of your Hero Page.

5. Update your Hero Page and e-mail your supporters again. Most people intend to donate, but sometimes it gets pushed to the bottom of the inbox and they forget. It usually takes more than one round of e-mails to nudge everyone into action, so don’t feel embarrassed about asking people again. Update your page and tell people how you are feeling about the event.

6. Ask to be included in your company website or newsletter. Many companies encourage staff to participate in charitable events and fundraising, so ask your organisation if they are willing to include something about you on the company website, intranet or company newsletter. Some companies offer a donation-matching scheme, where they will match the amount of money an employee raises.

7. Put up a poster.  Create a poster and put it up in the office kitchen, local supermarket, gym, post office, school or anywhere else you can gain permission. Use the poster to ask people to visit your Hero Page and support you.

8. Don’t stop fundraising when the event finishes. A surprising number of donations are received after the event has finished, so don’t stop fundraising when your event is over. Once you’ve recovered, update your Hero Page again and e-mail it to your contacts. It’s a great way of letting those who have supported you know you have achieved your goal, and of prompting anyone who still hasn’t donated to do so.

Thanks for supporting HeartKids SA/NT.

Donate now

Donate now to make a real difference to children and young people affected by Childhood Heart Disease. Click Here to Donate

Donate in Memory

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Donate in Lieu

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Leave a Gift in Your Will

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Workplace or Payroll Giving

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