HeartKids Grants in Aid – How to apply

Founding Partner of HeartKids Grants in Aid Program

HeartKids has initiated a novel research funding program in 2011- Grants-in-Aid. HeartKids is supported in this research funding scheme by our Founding Partner Wilson HTM Foundation, along with Supporting Partner, Kiwanis Australia. HeartKids is currently calling for applications for research “Grants-in-Aid”. The program will support research and research capacity building in congenital and acquired childhood heart disease.

Grants-in-Aid are limited in size (minimum grant $20,000 and maximum $50,000, GST Inclusive) and are intended to be expended within a maximum of 12 months. The project must be completed within this 12 month period. Applications will be considered on a competitive basis and will be evaluated on the basis of quality, significance, feasibility and ability to meet the HeartKids Research Criteria.

There are three potential streams of funding:

  1. Small research projects (funds may be sought for a small research project or to provide seed funding for a new idea, or small clinical trial or to contribute to a larger, already funded project or to provide supplementary funds to enable the completion of a project)
  2. Building research infrastructure (e.g. for capital equipment, access to biobanks, databases etc);
  3. Building research capacity (specialised advice, e.g. biostatistics, epidemiology, grant-writing; computing support; providing skills to researchers e.g. project management; clinical research support including mentoring, support for dedicated research time in clinical centres).

Applicants must detail specific milestones that will be met (with timeframes) and must describe clearly defined outcomes for their project. The Research Advisory Committee of HeartKids will assess relevant applications and make recommendations on funding to the HeartKids Australia Board who will determine the final selection.

How to apply for funding

To obtain copies of the Grants-in-Aid guidelines, Grants-in Aid application form, HeartKids Research Criteria and our standard contract, please Email: office@heartkids.org.au

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to call the office on 02 9875 4090

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HeartKids Research Criteria

Research Projects will be considered for funding by HeartKids which will contribute to at least one of the following objectives:
a) reducing mortality and/or morbidity from CHD
b) reducing the incidence of CHD
c) developing preventative measures to reduce CHD
d) improving early detection of CHD
e) understanding the causes and disease processes of CHD
f) improving the treatments and management of CHD
g) gaining a better understanding of the consequences of CHD and its treatment including the neurological, cognitive or social impacts on children affected by CHD and how these issues may be addressed.

Research projects applications must demonstrate each of the following attributes:
a) that they are feasible within the time and resources to be provided
b) that they specify milestones that are measureable and
c) that they have clearly defined outcomes.

If shortlisted for funding applicants may be asked to provide HeartKids Australia with their responses to the following questions:

  1. What proportion of the CHD community will the research project affect?
  2. How many current or future CHD patients will the project impact?
  3. To what (if any) extent will the project reduce mortality?
  4. What are the likely health benefits for children and teens with CHD?
  5. How will the project have a positive impact on the lives of children and teens with CHD?
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